The 3 Most Loved Music Genre's In The World Till Now

The Top 3 Lists Of The Most Loved Music Genre's In The World

We Think That There's No One In The Whole World, Who Has Never Heard Or Listen To The Music In His/Her Life. We Listen To The Music For Different Reasons, It Just Depends On An Individuals & There Are Many Different Genre's In Music, Some Love's Listening To - Rock & Roll, Some Love's Listening To Other Genre's. According To A Guy Named Glenn McDonald, Who Made A Website Known As ""- Where He Published 1595 Micro-Genre's Of Music Till Now (Check His Website For More), So The Thing Is That We Have Lots Options Regarding Music Genre's And Listen To Any. So Today We Have Prepared The Top 3 Lists Of The Most Loved Music Genre's In The World, So Here We Go. 

3 - Hip-hop/Rap

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It Is Believed That The Term 'Hip-hop' Was First Used By The Rapper "Keith Cowboy". The Hip-hop Or Rap Was Developed In United States, During The 70's By "Africans-Americans". This Music Has Been Around For Almost 5 Decades & Going Well In Music Industry. Currently Hip-hop Beats The Rock Music And Become The Number 1 In United States, So We Can See The Distinct Influence Of Hip-hop/Rap. Tupac Shakur, Eminem Are The Most Influential Hip-hop Or Rap Artists Who Took This Genre To The Higher Level.

2 - Pop

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This Is One Of The Oldest Music, Which Was Originated In United Kingdom And United States, During The Mid 50's. We Can Find Many Sub-Genre's, Fusion-Genre's And Regional-Scene's Of Pop Music. This Old Music Still Has Its Large Majority Of Global Audiences, Who Love's To Listen To The Pop Music. If We Have To Talk About About The Most Influential Pop Artists, We Will Go With The King & Queen Of Pop Music- Micheal Jackson & Madonna, Took Their Genre To Next Level Along With Other Great Pop Artists.

1 - Rock

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The Rock Music Got The Number One Spot Because Of It's Powerful Messages & Impact On Society. Unlike The Pop Music, Rock Music Was Originated In United States And United Kingdom In Early 50's. The Rock Genres Is One Of The Major & Popular Music, Which Has Millions Of Fan All Over The World. The Most Influential Rock Artists Are - Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles Etc, Who Not Only Revolutionised The Rock Genre But The Whole Music.

So Apart From The Above Genre's, There Are Many Other Great Genre's Too, So Tell Us About Your Opinions On This, Because We Love To Hear From You.

Thank You For Your Precious Time To Read Our Post ☺.

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