The Top 3 Never Heard Before Facts About Priya Prakash Varrier

The Top 3 Never Heard Before Facts About Priya Prakash Varrier  2018

The Trending Girl "Priya Prakash Varrier Or Warrier" Who Was Born On 12 Of September 1999, In Kerala (India), She Is A Malayalam Actress/Model Who Got Overnight Fame After The Release Of The Music Video For The Film "Oru Adaar Love " On 9th Of February This Year, Which Is Her Maiden Film. Apart From The Acting & Modelling She Is Very Good At Dancing & Singing, Priya P. Varrier Is A Trained 'Mohiniyattam' Dancer. She Is Known By Many Nick Names Such As - Wink Girl, National Crush, Riya Etc. But We Would Like To Call Her The Eyebrow Rasing Girl. So Now We Will Check Out The Top 3 Lists Of Her Never Heard Facts, Which You Might Not Know.

3 - The Third Highest Follower's Gainer In The Instagram Within 24 Hours 

Priya P. Varrier Become The Third Celebrity To Gain The Highest Number Of Instagram Followers In Single Day, Kylie Jenner Tops The List With Overrall 806K Follower's In Single Day & At The 2nd Portuguese Football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo With 650K Follower's In A Day. So It Is Really A Big Achievement For Her.

2 - Over 561K Video Search Results In YouTube Till Today (07-04-2018) 

Since Priya P. Varrier Is A Internet Sensation So Its Obvious That Anything She Does It Goes Viral In Internet, But It Is Literally An Amazing Thing To See Over 561K Video Search Results In YouTube Video Search Engine Within Two Months Time. We The Thetop3lists Are Not Saying That She Got Over 561K Video's In YouTube But What We Are Trying To Explain Is Her Popularities Within Very Short Time & This  Number Will Increase Day By Day.

The Top 3 Never Heard Before Facts About Priya Prakash Varrier  2018

1 - Mesmerising Wink Of Priya Prakash Varrier 

Whether You Agree With Us Or Not But It Was Her Mesmerising 'Wink', Which Attracted Millions Of People Towards Her, We Have No Doubt On Her Capability & Talent But It Was Her Magnetic Wink Which Done A Trick For Millions. Priya Quickly Became "The National Crush" By Her Attractive & Flirty Wink. You Can Also Watch This Music Video, Which Introduced The 'Wink Girl' To The Whole World.

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