The Top 3 Unkown Facts About The Grand Theft Auto 5 That Every Gamer Should Know

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Every Game's Lover Are Familiar With The "GTA" Video Game Series, GTA Is One Of The Oldest High End Game Developed By The "Rockstar North" & Created By 'David Jones & Billy Dailly', Was First Released On October 1997. GTA Has 
Become One Of The Best & The Popular Game After The Release Of "GTA V",  GTA 5, Was Released On September 2013, And Sold Over 11 Millions Units Within 24 Hours Of Its Release, Estimated Over 90 Millions Copy Of GTA 5, Has Been Sold Till Date, So This Game Has Left Its Great Impact In Gaming Industry. So We "Thetop3lists" Are Going Share With You The Top 3 Facts Which We Felt That Every GTA Fan Should Know, So Lets Begin.

3 - Fastest Player To Complete The "Grand Theft Auto 5"

It Takes Lots Of Time To Complete GTA 5, It Needs A Great Concentration & A Patient. The Australia Gamer "DarkViperAu"(Sorry We Didn't Find His Real Name), Hold The Record For The Fastest Person To Complete GTA 5, Its Tooks Him 9hrs 54min 52sec To Complete The Game Without Skipping The Any Missions, So We Can Say That A Huge Accomplishment At The Gaming Field & We Will Leave The Link Below So You Can Check Out.
Fastest Player To Complete GTA 5

The Top 3 Unkown Facts About The GTA That Every Gamers Should Know
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2 - Different Sleeping Pattern 

The Sleep Schedule Of Franklin, Micheal And Trevor Has A Huge Differences. Michael Sleep's For The Short Time Among The Three, He Sleeps For 6 Hours, Franklin Sleep's For 8 hrs And Lastly Trevor Sleep's For 12 hrs, So It Means Trevor Spent Half Of His Life Sleep ☺.

1 - The Logo Of "GTA 5" 

If You Look At The Logo Of GTA 5 And The 1899's 5 Dollar Notes Of US, Then You Can See The Similarity Between Them. So We Can Say That The Logo Designer's Of GTA 5 Were Inspired From 1889 5$ & Took The Idea To Design The Logo Of It.

The Top 3 Unkown Facts About The GTA That Every Gamers Should Know  
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The Top 3 Unkown Facts About The GTA That Every Gamers Should Know
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So GTA 5 Has Become One Of The Most Expensive And Highest Sold Game Of All Time, Which Is Ruling The Gaming Industries. There Are Endless Lists Of Facts You Will Find In The Interent About This Game, But We Picked Up The Above Three Because They Were Rare And Untold Before. We Hope That You People Found This Article An Interesting One, And Do Leave Your Thoughts & Ideas Regarding This Post.

Thank You All For Your Precious Time For Reading This Post ☺.


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