The Top 3 You Must Know Facts About The "Nipah Virus" 

The Top 3  You Must Know Facts About The "Nipah Virus"

"Nipah Virus" , According To "W.H.O", Nipah Virus Infection (NIV) Is A Newly Emerging 'Zoonosis' Which Can Cause Severe Disease In Both Humans & Animals. The Main Agent Or The Host Of This Virus Are Fruit Bats Of 'Pteropodidae' Family And 'Pteropus' Genus. It Was First Discovered In The Year 1999, In "Peninsular Malaysia", Where 257, People Got Infected By The "Nipah Virus", And 105 People Were Killed, Currently, India Is Fighting Against The Nipah Virus, 12 People Have Died Due To This Fatal Outbreak In 'Kerala'. So Today We Will Tell About "The Top 3 You Must Know Facts About The "Nipah Virus", Which Might Answer Some Of Your Questions And Clear Your Doubt To Some Extent, So Lets Go.

3 - Symptoms Of "Nipah Virus"

At First, Infection Start's With Flu Like Signs & Symptoms, Which Includes Fever, Dizziness, Vomiting, Headache And Nausea. This 'Nipah Virus, Has An Abilities To Cause Severe Respiratory Infection In Humans. It Also Affect The Brain And Causes Confusion & Drowsiness, And Finally Leads To Coma.

2 - Preventions From "Nipah Virus

Awareness, Is The Biggest Prevention Against The 'Nipah Virus' Or Anything In The World. It Can Be Controll Or Prevented By Avoiding Direct Exposure To The Sick Patients, Bats And Pigs In Epidemic Regions & Should Avoid Drinking Raw Date Palm Sap.

1 - Treatment For "Nipah Virus*

Sad But It Is True That Currently There Is No Proper Treatement For Nipah Virus, Which Make's This Virus A Very Lithal And Dangerous. W.H.O, Stated That There Are Working On The Vaccine, They Have Successfully Tested With Cats.Read More Here

(Courtesy - Doctors' Circle - Ask Doctors. Free Video) 

How To Diagnosis The 'Nipah Virus'
  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Cerebrospinal Fluid Analysis
  • Virus isolation and detection
So By Following Above Test The Nipah Virus, Is Diagnosis. 
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