The Top 3 Video Games Facts That All Gamers Should Know

The Top 3 Video Games Facts That Every Gamers Should Know

What's Up People? Hope You All Doing Well & Fine, & Guys Today We Will Talk On The Topic 'Video Games'. Since You All Know That Video Games Are The Most Entertaining Thing's, Which The Whole World Loves & Enjoys Playing It. There Are Many Great Games Developer Companies In Today's World, Which Releases Their New Games Every Now And Then To Make Money & Fame, But Do You Know Who & When Did Video Games Come Into Existence?, So Today We'll Provide You With The "Top 3 Video Games Facts Which Every Gamers Must Know ", Dear Friends These Three Fact's That We Are About To Discuss Are All Basis Knowledge About The Video Games, So Let's Do It.

3 - First Video Game & It's Developer

We Must Thank "American Physicist William Higinbotham", For His Work On The First Ever Analogue Computer Game Which Was "Tennis For Two". William Higinbotham Was Born On 22nd Of October, 1910, Bridgeport, Connecticut, He Was A Renowned Physicist, Who Was A Member Of The Team Who Developed The First Ever Nuclear Bomb. In The Year 1958, The Month Of October, William Higinbotham,  Developed First Ever Video Game i.e. Was Tennis For Two & This Contribution Of Him, Plays An Important Role In The "History Of Video Games", He Was Passed Way On 10th Of November, 1994.

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2 - The Country Which Generates Huge Revenue By Saling Video Games

Gaming Industry Is One Of The Most Profitable Business In The World, Which Yields Billions Of Dollars A Year. There's A Big Competition Among The Video Games Developer's, China And USA, Are The Biggest Video Games Developer And Designing Country. Currently China Leads And Hold The Number One Spot In Generating Highest Revenue By Selling Its Game, Followed By USA.

Top Ten Gaming Countries By Revenue 
  • China
  • USA
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Germany
  • UK
  • France
  • Canada
  • Spain
  • Italy

1 - The Country Which Spend Most Money On Video Gaming

As We Know That Gaming Industry Is Growing At An Alarming Rate, And Gaming Companies Are Making Huge Money By Selling Their Video Games To Their Audiences. Now We Will Tell You About The Countries, Which Spend Lots Of Money On Video Games, The USA Alone Spend Estimated $20 Billion A Year, Followed By Chinese, According To The Article Published By

The Top 5 Countries Which Spend Most Money On Video Games 
  • USA
  • China
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom 
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