The Top 3 Most Dangerous Video Games That You Should Avoid Playing It  

The Top 3 Most Dangerous Video Games That You Should Stop Playing

Guys As We Know That There Are Many Great & Excellent Video Games, That Are Available For Us To Play In Every Gaming Platforms, But There Some Video Games, Which Are Very Violent And Disturbing In Nature, In Another Word "Dangerous" Video Games. The Games, Which We Are About To Discuss Are Not Only Dangerous Because Of Their Violent & Disturbing In Nature But After Playing Them, Many People Has Committed Suicide And Injured Themselves Badly In Many Ways. So Let's Learn About The "Top 3 Most Dangerous Video Games That Ever Made ".

Read Before You Proceed:- Don't Get Addicted With Any Video Games, Because Addictions Leads To Mishaps, Keep Yourself In Limit, And It Is We (Gamers) Who Makes Either Best Or Dangerous By Our Own Deeds. And We Are Not Against Any Of Following Video Games Developers Because 'Niantic' & 'Rockstar North' Is The Best Video Games Developers In The World, We Made This Article On The Basis Of Article Published By Various Publisher In The Internet, No Offence.

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3 - Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go, Is One The Most Popular Augmented Reality , Location Based Video Game, Which Is Developed By Niantic For IOS & Android And Released During Mid 2016 For The First Time In Australia. This Game Quickly Became Popular Among The Games Lover But Sadly Many People Injured Themselves, While Catching Pokémon's, Pokémon Go Is One Of The Controversial Video Game, Which Is Still Ban In Several Countries Such As, Iran, Saudi Arabia Etc.

Read Out Some Of The Articles Or News Below, Regarding The Accident That Took Place While Playing Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go Promo Video
(Courtesy - Pokémon Go)

2 - Manhunt 

Manhunt, Is Arguably The Most Violent And Disturbing Video Game Ever Made, The Developer Of This Game Is "Rockstar North", Which Is Also The Maker Of 'GTA Series'. Manhunt Is Horror Game & Was Released On November 2003, For The Play Station 2. The Game Was Very Much Controversial Due To It's Graphic Violence And Got Banned In Many Countries.

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Manhunt Trailer
(Courtesy - GTA Series Videos)

1 - Blue Whale Or Blue Whale Challenge 

Blue Whale, This Is Most Dangerous Online Game Ever Created By Human Being, The Game Is Also Known As "Suicide Game", Which Is Created By Philipp Budeikin Of Russia In 2013. This Deadly Online Game Has Been Linked  To At Least 130 Teenagers Deaths Across Russia & This Game Is Regarded As The Most Controversial And Banned In Most Of Countries.

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Watch This Video On Blue Whale
(Courtesy - HiHACKER)

So Dear Friends, We Are Just Trying To Say That Don't Get Addicted So Much On Games, We Mean Don't Go Beyond The Limits, Cause Your Life Is Most Valuable In The World And Certainly We Are Not Againsts The Creators Of Above Mentioned Video Games. Now You Can Also Contribute Your Thoughts On This On Comments Section.

Thank You For Your Precious Time For Reading Our Post :).

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