The Top 3 Most Mysterious & Strange Books Of All Time 

The Top 3 Most Mysterious Books Of All Time

Hey Guys It's Been Quite A While That We Haven't Posted Any Article Regarding The Topic's 'Book', So Keeping That Things On Our Minds, We Have Prepared This Amazing Fact's On The World's Mysterious Book's. Since, The Books Are Considered As The Best Friend Of Human Beings But, There Are Several Books In The World, Which Are So Much Mysterious & Unexplainable, That Even The Expert Have Failed To Decodes Them & You Definitely Don't Want To Keep Them With You As The Friends. So Today We Will Tell You All About The "Top 3 Most Mysterious And Unexplainable Books Of All Time ", & Since The Following Three Books Are So Mysterious That, We Don't Have Much To Write About Them, So That Being Said Let's Start.

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3 - Codex Seraphinianus

This Manuscript Is Regarded As An Encyclopaedia Of The Other Or Imaginary World. Codex Seraphinianus, Is Composed By One Of The Finest Italian Artist Of 20th Century "Luigi Serafini" In Between 1976 To 1978, Which Was Eventually Published By "Franco Maria Ricci", In The Year 1981. The Books Has Two Volumes, Each Volume Contains 127 Pages.

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2 - Rohonc Codex

This Is Another Unknown & Mysterious Book Ever Written By The Unknown Author, Though Many Cryptographer, Tried To Decode The Hidden Truth Behind The Rohonc Codex, But Sadly They Failed To Unluck It's Codes. This Manuscript Is Written In Unknown Language In 16th Century A.D, With 448 Pages & Many Scholars Believes That It Is A Hoax From 18th Century. 

1 - Voynich Manuscript 

If You Search For "The Most Mysterious Books", In Google Or Any Other Search Engine Websites, Then You'll Definitely Get The "Voynich Manuscript" As The First Result, This Means The Voynich Manuscript Is Indeed A Strange And Secret Book Ever Written. The Author Of The Voynich Manuscript Is Anonymous And It Is Believed That It Was Created In Between 1404-1438 AD, In Northern Italy. The Books Was Purchased By A Polish Books Dealer "Wilfrid Voynich" In 1912, There Are Several Pages Of This Manuscript Is Missing & Currently It Consists Of 240 Pages. Some Believe That The Voynich Manuscript, Is Something To Do With Aliens Or Written By The Aliens But The Real Truth Behind It Is Still Missing. The Voynich Manuscript Is Currently Placed Safely At "Yala University Library".
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Now Wait Guys, We Are Not Done Yet Because They Are Some Other Books Which Are Also Mysterious And Strange, So These Are The Top 5 Mysterious And Strange Books, Which Didn't Make On Today's Top Three.
  • The Book Of Soyga
  • Popol Vuh
  • The Ripley Scroll
  • The Prophecies Of Nostradamus
  • The Essential Codex Mendoza
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