The Top 3 Best Slasher Films Of 2018 

The Top 3 Best Slasher Movies Of 2018

Dear Friends, Welcome Back To Yet Another Thrilling & Exciting Post & Today We Will Talk About This Years 'Bodycount Films, We Mean "Slasher Film" Of 2018. So To Complete This Topic, We Got Lot To Talk & Lot To Discuss As Always We Do ☺, So Now Let Us Go Straight To Our Today's Topics.

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3 - The Strangers: Prey At Night

The Strangers: Prey At Night , Is A American Slasher Movie, Directed By "Johannes Roberts". This Film Is A Sequel To 2008, Slasher film "The Strangers", Which Was Released In The Theatre's On 9th Of March, 2018. The Film Was Written By "Ben Ketai" & "Bryan Bertino", Produced By "Jalen Headchop, Wayne Marc Godfrey, Mark Lane, Robert Jones & Ryan Kavanaugh", And Film Was Distributed By "Aviron Pictures". After Its Release, There Was A Mixed Reviews From The Critics For The Movie & Many Considered As An Entertaining Movie.

Movie Details

The Strangers: Prey At Night
Release Date: 09 Of March, 2018
Genre:  Slasher/Horror/Thriller
Language: English ng
Running Time: 01hrs 25mins
Cast: Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Bailee Madison & Lewis Pullman
Ratings: 5.2 By IMDb, 37℅ By Rotten Tomatoes & 3.5 By Roger Ebert
Production House: The Fyzz Facility, White Comet Films, BLOOM, Burk A Project & Rogue
Budget: $5 Million
Box Office Collection: $29.7 Million
Director: Johannes Roberts.

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2 - Revenge 

Revenge , Is Not A Typical Slasher Kind Of Film, But It Carries Lots Of Thriller's & Horror's, Just Like In Slasher Most Slasher Movies. Revenge, Is Arguably The Most Bloodiest Movie Of 2018, Which Was Made Under The Direction Of French Filmmaker "Coralie Fargeat", Initially The Film Was Screened On 11Th Of September, 2017, On "2017 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)" But It Was Official Released On 11th Of May, 2018, In Limited Theatres. The Film Was Also Written By The Director Herself, Produced By "Marc-Etienne Schwartz, Marc Stanimirovic & Jean-Yves Robin" & Distribution Done By "Rézo Films & Neon". Most Of The Movies Reviewers Gave The Movie Good Ratings. 

Movies Details

Release Date: 11th Of May, 2018
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Language: French/English
Running Time: 1hrs 48mins
Cast: Matilda Lutz, Kevin Janssens, Vincent Colombe & Guillaume Bouchède
Ratings: 6.3 By IMDb, 92% Score By Rotten Tomatoes And 81% Score By Metacritic
Production House: MES Productions, Monkey Pack Films, Charades, Nexus Factory & Umedia
Budget: $2.9 Million
Box Office Collection: Over $526 Million
Director: Coralie Fargeat. 

(Credit - NEON)

1 - Terrifier

The Movie Will Indeed Terrifies You, This Film Is Might Be A Scariest Movie Of 2018. Terrifier, Actually Premiered In 2016, At "Telluride Horror Show Film Festival", But It Was Released On Limited Theatres On 15th Of March, 2018, Which Was Directed & Written By "Damien Leone". Terrifier, Is Produced By "Phil Falcone, Damien Leone & George Steuber", Distribution Was Done By "Dread Central Presents". Terrifier, Comes Under One Of The Finest Movie Of 2018 & Recieved Largely Positive Reviews From The Critics.

Movie Details

Release Date:  15th Of March, 2018
Genre: Horror/Thriller/Slasher
Language: English
Running Time: 1hr 26mins
Cast: David Howard Thornton, Jenna Kanell & Catherine Corcoran
Ratings: 5.9 By IMDb & 67% Score From Rotten Tomatoes
Production House: Epic Pictures Group
Director: Damien Leone.

(Credit - Epic Pictures Group)

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