The Top 3 Most Rarest & Expensive Gemstones In The World

The Top 3 Most Rarest & Expensive Gemstones In The World 2019

Alright Guys, Now Whenever We Think Of Precious And Expensive Gemstones, We Most Of The Time Think Of These Valuable Gemstones - Pearl, Sapphire, Amber, Emerald And Diamond, Which Naturally Comes To Our Minds, But Dear Good Friends Of Ours, There Are Several Gemstones In The World, Which Are Very Expensive As Well As Very Rare, And Even The Rich People Will Think Multiple Times To Purchase It. So This Is 'Thetop3lists' And We Are Giving You The Informations On The "Top 3 Most Rarest & Precious Gemstones In The World ", So Here We Go. 

3 - Jadeite

Jadeite, Is One The world's Rarest Natural Silicate Mineral Of Pyroxene Family And It's Chemical Composition Is 'NaAlSi2O6'. Jadeite Can Be Found In Various Colors Such As - Black, Grey, White, Red, Lavender, Green Etc, But The Green Jadeite Is Considered As The Most Valuable. This Gemstones, Only Occurs In The "Metamorphic Rocks", And Can Found In Following Regions  - Myanmar, Guatemala, New Zealand, California, Japan,  Kazakhstan, Russia & Some Other Part Of The World. When It Comes To It's Worth Value, Honestly We Can't Give You An Accurate Value, Because We Didn't Get A Proper Informations On This, But We Can Provide You An Approx Value Publish By Other Publisher In The Internet,  $3 Million Per Caret, This Damn Expensive And Remember Jadeite & Nephrite, Both Termed As The "Jade".

Watch This Video On Jadeite By 'Heaven's StoneS Thailand' A YouTube Channel.

(Credit - Heaven's StoneZ Thailand) 

2 - Taaffeite

Dear Friends Now This Mineral "Taaffeite", Is Extremely Rare Natural Mineral, Who Was Discovered In The October Of 1945, By "Richard Taaffe", & It's Chemical Formula Is 'BeMgAl4O8'. Unlike Jadeite, Taaffeite Is Also Found In Different Colours Such As - Colorless, greyish violet, violet red, red, greenish, light green, pink violet And mauve And This Rare Mineral Can Be Found In, Sri Lanka, Southern Tanzania And Some Part Of China. Taaffeite Is Vary Valuable & One Gram Of Taaffeite May Cost More Than $20,000.

Check This Small Video Of 'Taaffeite, By "Gem Glow" Youtube Channel.

(Credit - Gem Glow)

1 - Painite

This "Borate Mineral", "Painite" Is Extremely Rare In The World, Painite Is So Rare That Only 1,000 Of Crystals Of Painite Is Wore Known To Exist. Painite Was Discovered In 1950, By The British Mineralogists "Arthur C.D. Pain", In Myanmar & Its Chemical Formula Is 'CaZrAl9O15(BO3)'. Painite Is  Mainly Found In Three Different Colors Namely - Brownish, Red & Orange-Red And It Is Believed That Painite Can Be Found In The "Mogok" Region Of Myanmar. Now Let's Talk About It's Price Rate, 1 Gram Of Painite May Cost Upto $300K, And This Huge Money

Now Watch This Video On 'Painite' By "GeologyHub" YouTube Channel.

(Credit - GeologyHub)

Now It's Time To Mention Other Rarest & Valuable  Gemstones, Which Didn't Make It To The Top 3. So Guys These Are The 'Top 7 Most Rarest & Expensive Gemstones In The World'.
  • Musgravite
  • Alexandrite
  • Benitoite
  • Black Opal
  • Tanzanite
  • Pezzottaite
  • Serendibite
Okay Guys We Don't About Today's Top 3 Pick, Whether It Was Good Or Bad, But We Want To Tell You Three Things About Today's Top Three Gemstones And They Are - These Gemstones Are Very Rare, Very Expensive & Very Real Gemstones. Now You Can Contribute Your Opinions About This On The Comments Section Below.
Thank You For Your Precious Time For Reading This Post. 

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