The Top 3 Interesting Fact's About The "Holy Bible"

The Top 3 Interesting Fact's About The Holy Bible

The "Holy Bible", Has Influenced Present Day World More Than Any Other Books Known To Human Beings. It Is So Amazing That This Holy Book Has Influenced Almost Every Sphere's Of Human Civilization. So Dear Guys Get Ready Know The "Amazing, Weird & True Fact's About The Holy Bible", So Lets Dive Into It.

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3 - The Highest Selling & Most Stolen Book In The World

Yes You Have Heard It Right, More Than 5 Billion Copies Of This Sacred Book Has Been Sold, Till Date & Around Yearly Sales Of 100 Million Copies, Which Makes The Holy Bible All Time Best & Highest Selling Book. The Secred Bible Is Easily Available In Places Of Worship, Library, Hotels Rooms Etc & Even If You Have To Buy It, Than It Can Cost You Only Few Dollars But The Amazing & Weird Thing Is That People Still Steals The Bible, Which Is A True & Universal Fact About The Holy Bible & Considered As The Most Stolen Book In The World.

2 - First Time "The Bible" Was Published To The Public 

The Bible Used To Be The Forbidden Book For The Common People, Only The Privileged & Higher Class People Of The Society Could Read & Own It, Back In The Past, Which You Must Have Learned From Your History Class At School. As Today The Holy Bible Is Easily Accessible Book In Almost Every Corner Of The World, Except Few Countries, Where The Holy Bible Is Ban, But It Wasn't Like This In The Past, As We Already Know It, So Question Arises, When Did The Bible Was Published For The Common Man For First Time? ---- Though We Can't Provide You The Proper Date For This One But After Our Research We Found Out That, After The Invention Of "Gutenberg's Printing Press", Thing Start To Change & In 1455 A.D,  When "Johannes Gutenberg", Produced A Book, Which Is Regarded As The First Ever Printed Book & That Was "Gutenberg Bible", He Printed Limited Copies In Latin Language. So After The 1500 Century A.D,  Onwards The Common People Get More Access To The "Holy Bible".

1 - The "Holy Bible" Itself Is A Greatest Fact's 

We Cannot Deny The Fact That The Bible Is The Most Read Holy Book In The Entire World & Which Holds A Great Value To The Christian Community. There Are Two Testament Of Holy Bible, Old And New Testament, Old Testament Consists Of 929 Chapters, With 23,145 Verses & 260 Chapters, With 7,957 Verses In New Testament. So Far, The Holy Bible Has Been Translated Into More Than 530 Languages. This Is Quite Shocking But It True That "Amity Printing Company Of China", Is The Largest Producer Of Bible With Various Series Of Bible. "Amen" Is The Last Word In The Holy Bible.

You Can Read Free Holy Bible, Links Are Given Below:- 

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