Top 3 Real Fact's About WWE Championship Title Belt, That Every WWE Fans Should Know 

Top 3 Basic Fact's About "WWE Championship Title Belt"

Currently There Are Two "World Heavyweight Championship", Title Belts In WWE, "WWE Championship", In "Smackdown", And "Universal Championship" Belt, In Another Popular Brand Of WWE, "WWE Raw". Since This Article Is Only For The 'WWE Championship" Belt, So We Will Discuss About The 'WWE Universal Championship Belt', Some Other Day, So Dear Brothers & Sisters, This Is ''Thetop3lists" & We Will Share Some Of The Real & Basic Fact's About The WWE Championship Belt.

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3 - Common Fact's About "WWE Championship Title Belt "

WWE Championship Belt, Is One Of Oldest And Most Honoured Title In Entire WWE Universe, It Was Introduced In 25th Of April, 1963, By "World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF)", Now It's WWE, And "Buddy Rogers" Became The First Wrestler To Win This Championship In The Same Year. This Is The Most Coveted Championship Title Belt In The WWE & So Far, 49 WWE Superstar Has Won This Prestigious Belt, Present Champ Is "Aj Styles". WWE Championship Title Has Changed Through The Years And The Belt Has Been Customized By Six Wrestlers, Till Today. 

2 - Historical Records Behind "WWE Championship Title" Reigns 

As We Already Aware Of The Fact, That Buddy Rogers, Is The First Man To Conqure This Prestigious Title Belt For His Name In The 1963, Now We Will Share Some Records Stats For This Very Title. Over The Course Of Time, The WWE Has Changed Name Of This Title Belt 13 Times, It Was Introduced As WWWF World Heavyweight Championship (1963 To 1971). "Bruno_Sammartino", Holds The Record For The Longest Reigning WWE Championship For 2,803 Day & "André The Giant", Placed His Name On The Record Books For Being The The Shortest Reigning For Only 1 min, 48 Secs And Also The Tallest Wrestler To Win, WWE Championship, "Ray Mysterio", Is The Lightest (175 lb) & "Yokozuna", The Heaviest Wrestlers To Win This Championship Belt . "Vince McMahon", Is The Oldest Wrestler To Win This Title At The Age 54, Where As, "Brock Lesnar", Became The Youngest WWE Champion At Age 25. And Finally, "John Cena", Set The Record For Most Reigning With 13 Times, So for, Followed By "The Viper Of WWE, Randy Orton" 9 Times.

1 - The Value Of The "WWE Championship Title Belt"

Okey Now Let Us Get Ideas About The Weight, & The Price Of The WWE Championship Title Belt. Though The Championship Belt Seems Good At The Shoulders Of The Wrestlers But It Is Quite Heavy To Carry It For The Common Man With Comforts, So The Weight Of The WWE Championship Belt Is Around 10 To 12 Pounds. WWE Championship, Is Not Only The Most Prestigious But It Is Expensive Too, It Is Made Up Of Pure Leather, Synthetic diamond, More Than 267 Valuable Stones, Aluminium &  & WWE, Invested More Than $50,000 In The Process Of Making It By "Orange County Choppers"

(Credit - Orange County Choppers)

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