Top 3 Unbelievable Fact's About "Baba Harbhajan Singh"

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Today We Are Going To Share You An Interesting, Unbelievable & Weird Fact's About "Baba Harbhajan Singh" Or The Ghost Soldier Of Indian Army. So Dear Readers Now It's Your Turn To Know About Captain Harbhajan Singh Weird Fact's, So Let's Go & See It.

  1. Okay, First Thing First, But Who Is Or Was Baba Harbhajan Singh?, Here We Are Certainly Not Talking About The Indian Cricketer "Harbhajan Singh", But Dealing With The Same Name. So These Are Some General Facts About "Baba Harbhajan Singh", He Was Born In Village Called "Bathe Bhaini Village in Patti (Tarn Taran) A District Of Punjab (India) ",On 30th Of August, 1946, In A Sikh Family. He Joined Punjab Regiment Of Indian Army & He Also Served In Indo-Pak War In The Year 1965. He Martyred In The Year 1968 & Since Then Mysterious Story Of "Baba Harbhajan Singh" Started To Come Out.
  2. After His Death In  "Nathu La (Sikkim), In 1968, An Amazing & Unbelievable Things Started To Happen In Nathu La Region & According To Witness And Legends, He Still Does His Duty & Alerts His Soldiers From Danger. To Honour Baba Harbhajan Singh, Indian Army Built A Temple In His Name, Every Year Many People Visits His Shrine To Offer Their Respect Towards Him & Also Donates Money. 
  3. Lastly, Baba Harbhajan Singh, Still Gets His Salaries & Annual Leaves. After His Demise, The Indian Government Continued His Salaries For Years But According To Some Sources We Came To Know That It Has Been Stopped, Now The Donations Collected From Temple Send To His Family. Indian Army Still Sanctions Two Months Yearly Leave To Baba Harbhajan Singh, From 11th Of September To 11th November. You Can Also Watch Harbhajan Singh Baba Mandir, Youtube Video By "Topics" Down Below
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Dear Friends, We Don't Know How Much Truth Behind This But For Now We Really Needs To Salute Him For His Faithfulness Towards His Duty & Country. 
Thank You For Your Precious Time For Reading This Post ☺.

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