Top 3  Real Interesting Fact's About "Pakyong Airport, Sikkim"

Pakyong Airport Photo In HD

Sikkim Is India's Pride, Though The State Of Sikkim Is Very Small But Has Achieved Bigger Respects In Every Aspect As A State  Or A Part Of India & "Pakyong Airport", Is One Of Them. Sikkim Is A Very Beautiful And Happy Place On Earth, Which Finally Got Its Own Airport, So Let Us See Some Of The Trivia Facts About Pakyong Airport, Sikkim.

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3 - India's 100th Airport

Its A Coincidence But Also A Real Fact That Pakyong Airport, Has Became The 100th Functional Airport Of India. It Was Built By "Airports Authority Of India (AAI)", Under The "UDAN Scheme". The Pakyong Airport Was Inaugurated On 24th September, 2018, By The Prime Minister Of India Narendra Modi Accompanied By "Pawan Kumar Chamling", Current & Veteran Chief Minister Of Sikkim, So This Is One Of The Great Achievement For The People Of India & More Importantly For The Sikkimese. 

2 - Pakyong Airport Cost & Size

Pakyong Airport Is One Of The Greenfield Airport In India, Which Was Constructed By AAI & Took An Estimated Cost Of $8,31,08,850 (₹605 Crores), For Its Construction. Now When It Comes To The Structure Of The Airport, It Reflects Like This, Sikkim Airport, Is Spread Over 205 Acres Located In Pakyong Village At 4,500 Feet Above The Sea Level. The Runway Is 1.75 Km Long With 30 Meters Widths, Though The Size Of Pakyong Airport Is Not A Very Imperative But It's Simply A Engineering Marvel.

1 - Pakyong Airport First Flight 

From 4th Of October, 2018, Onwards Spicejet Will Operates Its Commercial Flight Services In Pakyong Airport.  Spicejet's, Bombardier Q400 Turboprop Jet Will Be The First To Provide Its Services From Pakyong To Kolkata. Sikkim Will Start Its International Flight From Next Year January (2019) & It Will Be From Pakyong To Bhutan.

100Th Airport Of India, pakyong airport

Sikkim Is Well Developed State Of India, Which Finally Puts Their Name On India's Aviation Map.
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