3 Greatest Grunge Bands Of All Time

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Grunge Was A Movement, Music Scene, Music Revolution, Greatest Music Era, Music Of 90s & More Importantly It Was A Perfect Terms Used For This Particular Music Genre. Every 90s Grunge Bands Or Early Grunge Group's Has Played An Essential Part In Making It The Mainstream Music, So Guy's Today You Will Be Knowing Our Top Picks, And These Are The Greatest Grunge Artists, Till Date. 

3 - Nirvana

Now Most Of The People Will Not Agree With Us, For Putting Nirvana At 3rd Place & We Are Very Sorry For This. There's No Doubt That This Band Revolutionised This Music Genre & Make It Popular But We Don't Feel They Are Number One. So Nirvana Was A Greatest Rock Band, Formed During Late 80's, In Aberdeen Washington, USA. Nirvana Were Three Men Band, Who Popularized The Grunge Sound & Always Be Remembered For Their Late Singer/Guitarist The Front Man Of The Band Kurt Cobain & More Significantly For Their Greatest Music Hits. In 2014, Nirvana Was Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Nirvana Musical Facts

  1. Band Formed In  → On 1987.
  2. Bands Active Years → From 1987 To 1994.
  3. Music Genre → Alternative Rock & Grunge. 

Nirvana Band Members

  1. Kurt Cobain → Lead Singer & Guitarist.
  2. Krist Novoselic → Bass Guitarist.
  3. Dave Grohl → Drummer.

Nirvana Albums (Studio)

  1. Bleech → Realeased On 15Th June, 1989).
  2. Nevermind → 24Th, September, 1991.
  3. In Utero → 21St September, 1993.
Nirvana Has Sold Over 75 Million Records Worldwide.

Nirvana Grammy Awards 

Nirvana Has Been Nominated 7 Time's So Far And Only Able To Win One Grammys For Best Alternative Music Performance In 1996.

Listen To This Nirvana Song
(Credit - nirvana) 

2 - Alice In Chains (AIC)

When You Talk About Harmonizing, You Can't Keep Alice In Chains Out & You Talking About Grunge, AIC Is Awesome. In 1987 Jerry Cantrell & Sean Kinney Formed The Band In Seattle, Washington. Unlike Other Bands Of Seattle Of That Time, Alice In Chains Also Contributed Lot To The Grunge Sound. So Now Let Us See Some Of Their Musical Facts.

Alice In Chains Musical Facts

  1. Band Formed In → In The Year 1987.
  2. Bands Active Years →1987 - Present.
  3. Music Genre → Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Grunge.

Alice In Chains Members

  1. Jerry Cantrell → Vocalist/Guitarist.
  2. Sean Kinney → Drummer.
  3. Late Layne Staley →(Former) Lead Vocalist.
  4. Mike Inez  → (Former) Bassist.
  5. Mike  Starr → (Present) Bassist.
  6. William Duvall → Vocalist. 

Alice In Chains Albums (Studio)

  1. Facelift → Released On 21st Of August, 1990.
  2. Dirt → 29Th September, 1992.
  3. Alice In Chains  → 07Th Of November, 1995.
  4. Black Give Way To Blue → 29Th Of September, 2009.
  5. Devil Put Dinosaurs Here → 28Th May, 2013.
  6. Rainier Frog → 24Th August, 2018.
So Alice In Chains Has Sold Over 20 Million Records Worldwide.

Alice In Chains Grammy Awards

AIC Has Been Nominated 10 Time's For Different Music Categories In Grammy Award Function But Haven't Been Able To Grab Any Grammys.

Listen To This Alice In Chains Song
(Credit - Alice In Chains)
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1 - Pearl Jam 

Before They Were Pearl Jam, They Were Known By The Name "Mookie Blaylock". Pearl Jam One Of Most Influential Band Of 90's Along With Other. The Band Formed In 1990, In Seattle & In The Year 2017, They Were Inducted Into Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Pearl Jam Is Still Going Good & Very Relevant To This Day Too.

Pearl Jam Musical Facts

  1. Band Formed In → In The Year 1990.
  2. Bands Active Years → 1990 - Present.
  3. Music Genre → Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Grunge.

Pearl Jam Members

  1. Stone Gossard → Guitarist.
  2. Jeff Ament → Bassist.
  3. Mike McCready → Lead Guitarist.
  4. Eddie Veddar → Vocalist.
  5. Matt Cameron → Drums.
  6. Dave Krusen → (Former Drummer).
  7. Matt Chamberlain (Former Drummer).
  8. Dave Abbruzzese → (Former Drummer).
  9. Jack Irons →(Former Drummer).

Pearl Jam Albums (Studio)

  1. Ten → 27Th August, 1991.
  2. Vs → 19Th October, 1993.
  3. Vitalogy → 6Th Of DeDecember, 1994.
  4. No Code → 27Th Of August, 1996.
  5. Yield → 3rd February, 1998.
  6. Binaural → 16 May,2000.
  7. Riot Act → 12Th November, 2002.
  8. Pearl Jam → 2nd May, 2006.
  9. Backspacer → 20Th September, 2009.
  10. Lighting Bolt → 15Th Of October, 2013.
So Pearl Jam Has Sold Over 85 Million Records Worldwide.

Pearl Jam Grammy Awards

So Far PJ Has Been Nominated 15 Times For Grammys & Won 2 Awards So Far.

Listen To This Pearl Jam Song
(Credit -Pearl Jam)

Now Before We Wrap Up This Thing, We Will Provide You With Other Popular Grunge Bands.

Other Popular 90s Grunge Bands

  • Soundgarden
  • Stone Temple Pilot
  • Mudhoney
  • Mother Love Bone
  • Screaming Trees
  • Tad
  • Bush
  • Melvin
  • L7
  • Green River
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