Google Fuchsia OS 3 Amazing Facts

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Google Is Currently Working & Developing On Their New Operating System Which They Named As "Fuchsia". So Hello! To Everyone And Today We Will Share Some Important Informations Related To Google Fuchsia OS, So What Is Google Fuchsia OS? Lets Know It Now.
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3. Fuchsia OS Basic Informations

  • Operating System Name→Fuchsia
  • Developer (Company) →Google. 
  • Written In Following Programming Languages→Mixed: C, C++, Dart, Go, Python, Rust, Shell, Swift.
  • OS Family →Zircon
  • Source Model →Google Fuchsia OS Is Source As Android. 
  • First Released On→It Was First Released On 15Th Of August, 2016, On GitHub, Without Any Official Announcement.  
  • Platforms→ARM64, x86-64.
  • Kernel Types →Microkernel capability-Based.
  • Licence →Mixed: BSD 3 Clause, MIT, Apache 2.0
  • Official Website →The Official Website Of Google Fuchsia OS.

2. Features Of Fuchsia OS

As Currently Google Fuchsia OS, Is Under The Development Process, Google Haven't Released It Publicly But According To The News, The Features Of Fuchsia Operating System, Will Be A Very Advance. The Fushsai OS Expected To Comes With This Following Features :-
  1. High Security.
  2. High Artificial Intelligence.
  3. Provides High Performance. 
  4. Quick/Instant Updates (Compare To Android).
  5. Ability To Run Android Apps.
  6. Flexibility.
  7. More Importantly Fuchsia OS, Is Designed For The Internet Of Things (IOT).

1. Google Fuchsia OS Release Date

Many People Are Waiting For Fuchsia OS But There Is No Conformed News Regarding The Official Release Date Except For The Tons Of Rumours. When Google Will Release Fuchsia Operating System For Public Is A Big Question And Currently We Got No Answer To It, But We Are Expecting It To Release Within The Next 5 Years And Till Then We Can Wait ☺ & You Get A Preview Of It, So Here Is Fuchsia Armidelo fuchsia Armadillo Apk Download Link,Click The Link Below To Download.
Foogle Fuchsia Armadillo Apk (Link Credit-
So These Are The Informations That We Were Able To Share About Google New OS Fuchsia And In Future Days We'll Come Up With More Updates On This, So As For Now Have A Good Day.
Thank You For Your Precious Time For Reading This Post ☺.

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