The 3 Interesting Fact's About Valentine's Day

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Firstly, We Would Like To Wish You All A Very Happy & Prosperous New Year & This Article Is The First Of This Year. So Dear Good Friends Of Ours, As You Already Know That This Post Is About The "Valentine's Day", Where We'll Be Sharing Some Amazing, Known & Unknown Facts About Valentine's Day, So Here Is Those Facts.

3. Valentine's Day History/Historical Facts

As Most Of The People Know Why We Celebrate This Romantic Day Of The Year i.e. "Valentine's Day" But Incase, If You Are Not Aware Of The Fact Than We Have Some Historical Facts For You. So Valentine's Day, According To Many Historians Is A Ancient Roman Pagan Fertility Festival Known As "Lupercalia", But In 1300s AD, It Was Official Became Holiday Associated With Love And Romance, Since Then 14th Of February, Is Celebrated As Valentines Day. This Day Also Known By Other Names And They Are- Saint Valentine's Day Or The Feast Of Saint Valentine's. 

2. Red Roses/Cards In Valentine's Day

Red Roses Are Associated With Love Since Ancient Time, So It Is Regarded As The Symbol Of Valentine's Day & Around Quarters Of Men Buys Rose On That Day. According To Stats, Mothers Day & Valentines's Day Is The Biggest Holiday For Giving Flowers & Over 50 Million Roses Are Given On Valentine's Day. On This Vary Day, Cards Gets Exchanged In Large Numbers, And According To Stats Valentine's Day The Second Largest Cards Giving Day After Xmas. 

1. Valentine's Day Is Banned In This Country

The Day Of Affection Or Lover's Day, Is Ban In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia. The Selling  Of Red Roses, Card And Other Things Related To The Valentine's Day Are Banned During The Valentine's Times. The Country Put This Step To Check The Western Influence.

So These Are The Fact's That We Concluded In Today's Segment, We Hope You Liked It.
Thank You For Your Precious Time For Reading This Post ☺.

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