5G Fact's That You Must Know Before You Use It
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What Is 5G Network?
Now According To The "Wikipedia", 5G Is A Latest & Updated Version/Generation Of Cellular Mobile Communications, Based On IEEE 802.11ac Wireless Networking Standard. 5G Is The Successor Of 4G, 3G & 2G Networks, And Which Obviously Has Advance Features Than Its Predecessor. So Fellas Today You'll Be Able To Learn Some Interesting Fact's About 5G Technology,  So Let's Dive Into It.

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3. Features/Advantages Of 5G Technology/Networks

So What Will Be The Features Of Next Generation Of Mobile Cellular Communication i.e. 5G?
We Are Sure That The Features Will Be Very Great & Advance, And These Are Some Of Them As Follows.
  • Super High Speed.
  • Will Consume Low Energy.
  • It Will Provide Uninterrupted Services.
  • Gives Deeper Network Coverage.
  • More Flexible.
  • Higher Security.
  • The 5G Technology Is Especially Design For Internet Of Things (IOT) .
  • More Reliable.

2. 5G Bad For Health (Disadvantages Of 5G Network).

As The Radiation's  From Cell Towers Are Always Very Harmful For Human Beings, And We Are Already Under The Radiation Of 2G, 3G & 4G Cell Towers, Which Is Affecting Our Health To Some Extent. Now Let's Talk About 5G, It Is The Ultra High Frequency & Intensity Network Technology, Which Uses 24-90 Gigahertz Frequency Compare To That Of 4G & 3G (1-4 Gigahertz Frequency), And The Frequency Level Of 5G Is Very High, Which Will Make A Big Difference & Eventually Hampers Our Health. So We Could Imagine The Billions Of Electromagnetic Waves Hitting Our Skin Day And Night, And It's Negative Impact On Our Body. So These Are Some Disease That Will Be Common After The Arrival Of 5G Network.
  1. Cancer (Mainly Skin).
  2. Heart Disease's.
  3. Hearing & Vision Loss Will Increases.
  4. Increase In Number Of Neurological Predictions.
  5. Weak Immunity.
  6. Growth In Abnormality.
  7. Alzheimer’s.
So These Are Some 5G Health Risks & Harmful Effect's, Not Only For Human Beings Will Face But The Entire Earth's Ecosystems.

1. The Countries Most Expected To Adopt 5G Services First.

Currently 5G Technology Is Under The Development Process And It Will Take Few Years Or So To Get It Done. Now Questions Arises That Which Country Will Be The First To Adopt The 5G Fully. There Are Many Network Operator Companies, Like - "Telstra, Vodafone, TIM, T-Mobile, KT, Vodacom, Sunrise And Many Other Are Working & Testing There 5G Services In Developed Countries Like - "Poland, USA, Australia,  Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, China, South Korea, Indonesia, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Finland" Etc. So We Can Expect Soon One Of The Above Mentioned Nation, Will Be The First To Lunch The 5G Network Services Fully(Widespread Coverage).
So Friends This Is It And You Can Even Share Your Knowledge To Us Regarding This Topic Or Any, On The Comment Section Below.
Thank You For Your Precious Time For Reading This Post ☺.

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