3 Easy Ways To Manage Your eBooks and Scanned  PDFs Online 

Manage Your eBooks and Scanned 
PDFs Online The Easy Way Whether you are creating or editing existing eBooks as a part of your lead generation tactic for blogging or exporting data from PDF reports or invoices, you might find yourself in need of the tool that can help you with moving data back and forth from different file formats. That is where PDF converters might come in handy because in the end all files are saved as PDF. 

If you like to keep your options open by having multiple online tools at your disposal then you should definitely check the following one. Easy PDF is a free online suite that can help you with any PDF-related task. You can use it to convert PDF into other formats and vice-versa as well. Despite converting, it also has some other useful features like compressing, merging and splitting existing PDFs.

The one thing that makes this tool stand out is:

● It is completely free and has no ads.
● You can use it without registration, convert files anonymously.
● No limitations on the number of daily conversions or file size.
● Safe conversions -all processes are automated (no human access) and files are
auto-deleted from the servers after conversion. With that out of the way, here is how you can utilize this tool to step up your document management game.

With that out of the way, here is how you can utilize this tool to step up your document management game.

1. Solving the most common problem with PDFs -convert PDF to Word.

You have probably found yourself in this situation many times before. You only need to
change a few lines in an existing PDF document, but no matter the efforts it won't
budge. In order to save yourself from the unnecessary effort of retyping the whole file,
you can use this tool and convert PDF to Word. It will save you time on retyping and formatting the whole text again. Once you open the file in Word, you can edit it further with ease. You can either "save as" PDF or use Easy PDF to convert Word to PDF.

2.Creating and editing eBooks from your blog.

As most bloggers know, eBooks are a great way to offer long-tailed content to your readers. If you have a series of articles that cover the same topic, you can merge the content in one eBook to make it easier for your readers to learn. In return, they have to leave an email so you can send them their eBooks in PDF format. It is a good lead generation tactic. In order for this to work, you should always have the freshest content in the eBook. It means you need to update your content regularly. This could be difficult since most of the eBooks are made in PowerPoint and then saved as a PDF. Therefore you would need to convert them back to PowerPoint so you can update them and make necessary changes. For this task, you can use Easy PDF and turn PDFs into editable PowerPoint presentations. It will, for sure, cut the process in half, let you update your eBooks more easily, and make your content stay relevant. Also if you happen to like the format, layout, and colors of an eBook you found on the internet, you can easily turn that eBook back to PowerPoint, put your content in it, and voila - you have your own eBook with formatting, layout, and colors from another one.

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3.Extracting data from scanned invoices and images.

When you work as a freelance writer or any kind of freelancer, you receive many invoices daily. If you aren't using some fancy invoice management tool than you are probably tracking your income in Excel. A good thing about Easy PDF is that you can use free OCR Online that can extract data from invoices and other images. You can extract tables to Excel or text to Word. It only depends on what services you need. This can be very useful when tracking expenses. You can use your phone to scan receipts and then export them to Excel with Easy PDF using only your phone.

This covers our short guide on better document management with a free online
converter - Easy PDF. It enables you to convert files completely anonymously and at no cost, which many might find appealing. Of course, we haven't covered all functionalities of the tool, only the most useful ones in our case. If you want to explore this tool more, visit https://easypdf.com .

Thank You For Your Precious Time For Reading Our Post :) .

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  2. The three type u mention how you can utilize this tool to step up your document management game.

    1. Solving the most common problem with PDFs -convert PDF to Word.
    2.Creating and editing eBooks from your blog.
    3.Extracting data from scanned invoices and images.
    This three type of utilize is very use full for me Thanks for sharing this article.

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