Get a chiseled jawline with chin augmentation

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic alteration that may tighten the jawline and chin, bringing an under-defined lower face into more harmony with the upper face. A chin augmentation treatment can extend, broaden or enhance the protrusion of the chin.

Which Chin Enhancement Procedure Is Right for You?

Which chin enlargement technique is appropriate for you will depend on your specific face architecture, the quality of your skin, and your medical history. Surgery is often the technique of choice for people who have a structural defect or insufficient bone in the chin region. 

If you want some contouring done but have reservations about surgery and downtime, you may opt for non-surgical chin augmentation. In both circumstances, ideal individuals are in excellent condition and have realistic expectations.

Who is a Suitable Candidate for Non-Surgical Chin Shaping?

Any patient who seeks an improvement in the size and contour of the chin may be qualified for non-surgical chin shaping – chin augmentation. Patients with a tiny or weak chin might enhance the equilibrium of their face with an injectable filler - Evolence or Restylane. 

Also, individuals who have abnormalities of the chin either from birth or through traumas might gain considerable improvement without the discomfort, danger, and healing associated with surgery.

When will Results be Apparent following Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation?

Improvement in chin shape and projection will be observed immediately following non-surgical chin contouring. Any swelling will resolve after 1 week.

Recovery and Outcomes:

Chin augmentation with fillers is a non-surgical procedure that does not need anesthesia, bandages, sutures, or scars but does require some downtime. Generally, you can return to work or other regular activities quickly. 

Following the operation, some swelling, redness, or bruising is typical and will diminish independently. Sleeping with your head and neck raised might aid in rapidly reducing edema. After your operation, be careful with your chin and jaw area and avoid rubbing or touching the treated area to allow the filler to settle correctly.

Your chin augmentation is instantly noticeable and typically lasts between 12 and 24 months. You may select chin augmentation using fillers to determine the appearance of the enlargement and then have surgical chin augmentation for long-lasting results.

How do we Help you with your Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Treatment?

Traditionally, chin augmentation requires surgery. However, as soft tissue fillers have grown more popular, new procedures and non-invasive solutions have become more common. In certain circumstances, surgery to relocate bone to remodel the chin may be required.

In others, non-surgical methods may be used to drastically but classically modify the face. New U Med Spa Orlando will use different chin contouring techniques to help the patients realize a more elegant, chiseled jawline.

How Long will Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Results Last?

For roughly 12 months, the New U Med Spa Orlando will deliver long-lasting improvement in chin shape. Restylane dermal filler effects will last between 6 and 9 months. Repeat treatments every 12–18 months are needed to maintain the desired form.

Is Non-Surgical Chin Augmentation Uncomfortable or Results in Bruising?

There should be minimal discomfort and no bruising due to the cautious procedures performed. Mild bruising resolves typically within a week. For the first three to five days, your chin may feel sore.

Visit Our Clinic if you Want Best Treatment:

In chin filler treatment we use the best high-end chin dermal filler to create a defined jowl and chin region. Chin filler treatments and jawline filler treatments offer a safe and straightforward method to improve your appearance by shaping the lower part of your face to create the ideal chin shape and an enhanced jawline balanced with your face.

 There will be a noticeable significant difference in your appearance when you undergo the jawline filler procedure. If you have any additional questions or to schedule your consultation for chin improvements with dermal fillers call at (407) 853-2676.

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