How Does a Blood Group Type Calculator Determine a Child's Blood Group Type?

 Nowadays, most people still don't know about their blood groups.  Being aware of the blood group is more than a sign or letter. 

It is important for everyone who is in need of life-saving blood transfusions and also helpful for understanding if your health is better or not.

Some people know about their blood group in this way, if they have donated their blood previously or if they have faced certain medical conditions but it is not necessary at the forefront of everyone's mind.

However, testing the blood group will become your first routine when the pregnancy is confirmed. 

It is important to be aware of your blood group before becoming pregnant because it is essential not only for your first pregnancy but for the future healthy pregnancy as well. 

That is why, prior to pregnancy, it is important for parents to be aware of their blood groups. Why is it so? Well, this post will explain it all. 

Types of blood groups

Firstly, we have to know about types of blood groups. Researchers have introduced us to four types of blood groups; these are A, B, AB, and O. 

These simple letters help us to know your blood group or type but there is some logic behind every letter. 

Each blood group has specific basic characteristics, which belong to each type alone. Different blood types carry antigens in your red blood cells and generate antibodies against other blood group antigens. 

Type A antibodies and type B antibodies have been worn by the red cells of their specific blood group. 

These types only like other cells that are wearing the same antibodies as them, and they have an ability store of bully buddies that help to get easily rid of any cell in the wrong antibodies.

  • If a woman has an A type of blood group, carries type A foreign substance (A antigens) within each of her blood cells that determine these cells as her own. A woman has antibodies against type B blood cells as well, which we can call anti-B antibodies. These antibodies help to destroy B-type blood cells if that were found in her body.

  • The same goes with a  lady who has B blood type, carries  B foreign substance (B antigens) in her blood cells and her body as well has anti-A antibodies which will destroy A-type blood cells in her body.

  • People who have AB (A friendly blood group) blood group type, have both A and B antigens in their blood cells but do not have A and B antibodies.

  • People whose blood type is O, have no antigens in their blood-red cells but have the Anti-A and Anti-B antibodies.

Determination of Rh factor and D Antigens

It is important to know your blood group type because there are many other antigens too, that are known to affect pregnancy such as antigen D.

On the other hand, along with the antigens and antibodies may or may not your blood group has a rhesus factor. 

For example, If someone has a B group type with a rhesus factor, their blood group would be known as B+. It is the same for the other blood groups too(A+, AB+, and O+).

  • Blood group A + Rh antigen = A+

  • Blood group B + Rh antigen = B+

  • Blood group AB + Rh antigen = AB+

  • Blood group O + Rh antigen = O+

  • Blood group A + No Rh Hat (antigen) = A-

  • Blood group B + No Rh Hat (antigen) = B-

  • Blood group AB + No Rh Hat (antigen) = AB-

  • Blood group O + No Rh Hat (antigen) = O- 

Why is there a need to know your blood type?

There are two important reasons to find out your baby’s blood type, such as; 

Blood Type and Future Health

The Researcher suggests that some blood types at on higher risk for creating certain health conditions

The ongoing research found that those who have blood type AB have a 23 percent higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease as compared to other blood group types.

In 2015 study found that those whose blood group is O are at a decreased risk rate of developing 2 type diabetes.

The USA society has told that those who have A blood type A have a higher chance of stomach cancer and the reason has not been found yet.

That is why it is important to know about your blood group type so that you can take precautionary caution to prevent future illness.

Check Blood Type for Medical Treatment

The most important reason is serious emergencies. If your baby needs emergency medical treatment in the future, early awareness of the blood group type is beneficial in that way that speeds up the search for a suitable blood group for transfusion on time.  

Using the wrong blood type during a transfusion can be dangerous for a baby's life.

Online Tools to predict the blood groups 

The best online tools are available which will help you to predict the baby’s blood group type. If parents want to know about their toddler's blood group, they just need to add their blood group and then the online tool will predict the baby's blood group with 90% authentic result. 

Types of blood type calculator 

There are two types of blood calculators. One that simply uses blood types of parents and predicts the baby’s blood type without any trouble. 

Secondly, some calculators use the Punnett square strategy to predict the baby’s blood group. Both these types of tools never let you go in a rush and provide accurate results. 

Working of simple blood type calculator

If you're curious to know about the blood type of your child, enter the blood types of both you and your partner into the child blood type calculator and your baby’s blood type will be shown in the output box immediately.

The blood type calculators cannot guarantee the accuracy of the findings because they are based on averages rather than diagnosis, but they do give an easier and faster approach to determining someone's blood type in seconds.

Working of blood type Punnett square calculator

Reginald C. Punnett is known for developing this technique. Using a Punnett square, you can calculate the baby’s genotype probability. A blood type punnett square calculator is an excellent tool for quickly identifying several different genotypes. 

Using a Punnett square, you may see all the possible combinations of maternal and fatherly DNA

That eventually helps in predicting the baby’s blood type. 

How to use it??

The percentage of genotypes can be calculated by following the steps outlined below.

  • Choose between a monohybrid and a dihybrid.

  • Choose the genes of mother and father.

  • Tables of Punnett squares will be presented to you as a result.


All of the above-mentioned important points indicate that pregnant women need to be aware of the blood group if she is not aware before, or otherwise it may be creating difficulties for the pregnant lady and the baby. Women need to be careful if she has a negative blood group and the baby has a positive blood type. 

Online blood group type calculators are the easy way to know your baby's blood group in the pregnancy or even before pregnancy so that you can take health precautionary measures at the right time.

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