The importance of having health insurance

Having health insurance is certainly essential, given the current collapse of public health, with very long waiting lists and medical care whose quality is often reduced due to the short time doctors have to attend to patients. In addition, procedures in private healthcare are usually simpler and easier to carry out, as there will always be someone to give you the advice you need and attend to your requests and needs.

The ideal, therefore, is that you take out good health insurance that, as such, provides you with extensive medical and health coverage. In this way you will have the guarantee of receiving the best possible assistance at all times and in any area related to your health and that of your loved ones.

What is health insurance?

Health insurance is a contract by means of which an insurance company undertakes, in exchange for the payment of a regular premium, to provide the insured with the medical and health care that they may require (medical insurance), or to fully reimburse or partial of the expenses derived from it (reimbursement insurance). In other words, health insurance provides the insured with assistance, health or economic coverage, in the event of suffering from any type of illness or disease.

Subscription to insurance of this type guarantees your peace of mind and that of your loved ones, knowing that you have at your disposal accredited medical professionals and hospital centers where you can receive private healthcare.

Why is it important to have health insurance?

A portion of its most critical advantages would the follow:

  • You will not need to tolerate long holding up records to be treated at a wellbeing place, since counsels in confidential medical care are significantly quicker. Care in hospital emergency rooms also tends to be faster.
  • You will have at your disposal a wide and varied medical chart, which will allow you to choose the professionals you want based on the health problems that may affect you at any given time.
  • In case you need hospitalization, you can have a single room, which will provide you with greater peace of mind and all the services you may need.
  • You will be able to go directly to specialist doctors without having to make an appointment with your family doctor in advance, which will save you time and comfort.
  • The results of the clinical analyzes and diagnostic tests will be available to you in a few days.
  • The schedule and availability of doctors is very broad, which provides you with numerous alternatives when requesting appointments, without having to alter your daily work.
  • It allows you to opt for truly innovative treatments and thus have different therapeutic options.
  • Many of the private health insurance policies also include dental health services.
  • You can always configure the different benefits of your health insurance based on your budget, thus choosing those health plans that best suit it and your specific needs.

What aspects should I consider when taking out health insurance?

When taking out medical insurance, you must weigh your personal situation and, based on it, determine what your deficiencies and/or needs are in terms of health. This way you will know if you are more interested in a health insurance that covers your basic needs or another more complete one.

Another key factor is the coverage included in the insurance. In this sense, it is essential that the health insurance covers all those services that really interest you and that you may need.

Finally, you should consider your budget and analyze how much you can spend, since the insurance premium can vary depending on many factors: age of the insured, contracted coverage, existence or not of co-payment, etc.

What are the advantages of health insurance?

One of the keys to good health is living a healthy lifestyle, eating well, exercising moderately and regularly, and advocating for prevention. Therefore, to prevent and tackle any type of pathology early, it is essential to have immediate access to medical care.

Although public health in our country is of a very high quality, having medical assistance insurance provides a series of advantages and benefits, among which we can highlight the following:

Medical care without waiting lists

Waiting lists are the endemic evil of our public health. The referral to the different medical specialties, as well as the performance of diagnostic tests, may have a delay of several months. Thanks to health care insurance, this time is reduced to a few days, depending on the specialty.

Direct access to medical specialists

Another advantage of having insurance is the possibility of making an appointment directly with a specialist, without waiting for the GP to refer us. This allows each pathology to be addressed directly by the corresponding specialist, with the consequent saving of time. In health matters, a quick intervention can make a substantial difference in tackling a more or less serious ailment.

Full board of the companion before an operation or childbirth

When we have to go through the operating room, the following days are usually not very pleasant, the inconveniences derived from the operation are added to the stay in the hospital. At times like this, being able to enjoy a single room, as well as being able to share the stay with a family member, is a great help for recovery. With our insurance, the companion you choose can stay with you at no maintenance cost. In cases of birth, the procedure is the same, you can have a person by your side during hospital admission, without incurring any expense for three days.

Travel Assistance

In the event of an accident or serious illness during a trip, the medical assistance insurance covers all the expenses derived, as well as the transfer of a family member and the stay in a hotel. In addition, if a family member dies while traveling, we ensure early return. These are circumstances that we do not usually think about when we go on vacation, but if they happen we appreciate having covers.

Possibility of adding a daily subsidy in case of hospitalization

When we are admitted to a hospital, although we have covered the stay and meals, it is common for extra expenses to occur. Therefore, so that the ailment does not add financial damage, with medical insurance we can add a daily subsidy to help in these circumstances.

Dental Health Advantages

The dentist is one of the specialists in which we spend the most money. Conservation and aesthetic dental treatments are quite expensive, despite being necessary. The savings of going to the dentist when we include this type of assistance in the medical insurance can reach 40%. Many times we let time go by to perform the treatments we need because of their high cost, which ends up aggravating the problem. Being able to access dental coverage at reasonable prices guarantees us good oral health.

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