Analysis of Xbox One X, the most powerful console with 4K and HDR 

Analysis of the features, performance, and possibilities of Xbox One X, the most powerful console in the world, developed by Microsoft and available on November 7 for a price of 499.95 euros.

Xbox One X will go on sale on November 7 worldwide, with the title of "the most powerful console in the world." It is a machine compatible with all Xbox One and Xbox One S games and accessories, capable of reaching native 4K resolution, 60 FPS, and HDR, with Dolby Atmos sound. 

A machine with 6 teraflops of power that we are going to analyze in detail. After reading this article, you will be able to tell if Xbox One X (formerly known as Project Scorpio) is the console for you.  

The first thing that Microsoft has clarified is that Xbox One X does not belong to a new generation, but that it is a "bridge" machine that opens the doors to the future, with the most advanced technology of the moment, applied to Xbox games. One.  

Technical characteristics, weight, and size
Xbox One X features a  custom X86 octa-core CPU  running at 2.3GHz (31% faster than Xbox One) and a  custom 40 compute unit GPU  running at 1172Mhz, allowing the console to perform at high performance. 
speed. In addition, it will have a  memory bandwidth of 326GB/s and a  1TB  2.5-inch hard drive.

Additionally, the machine features  12GB of 6.8GHz unified GDDR5 memory on a 32-bit (384-bit overall) 12-channel memory interface. 
This will not directly affect the power of the console, but it will mean the end of the segregation of Xbox One's RAM and ESRAM memory and will make it easier for developers to create their games for this console thanks to its more similar structure. to that of PC and PS4.

Of this 12 GB of memory, 8 will be available to developers and 4 will be reserved for the system. 
From this, it is concluded that  Xbox One X  will have an extra 1GB of reserved memory in relation to Xbox One, a necessary extra to be able to move games to native 4K resolution. 
In this section, games will have 60% more memory and the 1TB hard drive will have 50% more bandwidth to ensure consistent load times.

Here we leave you a comparison of the characteristics of the console with respect to the other machines available. 

The exterior design is very sober, with matte finishes, straight lines and a size similar to Xbox One S (although without the perforations on the top). The console is extremely quiet, although after being turned on for a while we have noticed that the upper part gets hot. The dimensions of the console are 30 x 24 x 6 cm. And the weight of the machine is 3.8 Kg. 

The controller is the same as on Xbox One S but in matte black instead of white. The difference with the gamepad of the first Xbox One is that the lower part is rough: just as ergonomic as the original, but non-slip. It's one of the best wireless controllers ever made, so nothing needed to be changed. The only negative aspect is that it works with two AA batteries (included in the initial pack of the machine), although it allows us to buy a charge-and-play kit.  

The console pack

The Xbox One X basic pack includes the machine, a high-speed HDMI cable, compatible with 4K and HDR content, the power cable - the source is inside the console itself - and a control pad. It also includes codes that allow us trial access to Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. Here you can see the unboxing of the European edition of Xbox One X  with all its contents. And we also tell you what it is and how to use Game Pass on Xbox One. 

The Xbox One X cables are the same as those of the S model, so if you are going to change one machine for another, you do not need to change them. In this case, you can also choose to install the games on an external hard drive, and thus moving from one machine to another will be easier. Later we will explain how to transfer the profile between the two Xboxes.

Getting started with Xbox One X

After taking the console out of the box and connecting the cables, we enter the settings menus, which will look very familiar if you have already booted up an Xbox One S model. 
We synchronized the controller, pressing the Xbox button and the A button. Immediately after, we select our region, the language and we connect the console to the Internet (we can do it through WiFi or with a network cable, which is faster).
And the first thing we have to do is apply a 748 Mb day 1 update. The download takes just three minutes, depending on the connection (we have tested it with a symmetrical 300 MB wireless connection) but it takes almost 10 more minutes during testing and installation.


Then we configure our user, Gamertag, and link the email and telephone. And we can immediately change the resolution to UHD 4K. Depending on the TV we can adjust the color depth (up to 36 bits per pixel, the use of HDR 10, and the use of 50 Hz or 24 Hz.

If we decide that the advanced video settings are too complex, our Xbox One X can detect automatically the best settings for our TV. 

After updating the store, we will have access to the games that we have already downloaded with our profile on Xbox Live, on our Xbox One or Xbox One S. And we can also enter the options menu to configure our profiles on social networks and mixer ( to stream our games). 

Of course, we have a choice between fast start and energy saving modes, parental control, and security questions to load our profile, as in previous models. All Xbox One games and accessories are compatible with Xbox One X, but if we want to connect Kinect we will need an accessory that is sold separately. 

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