How Can WooCommerce Popup Cart Plugins Increase Sales?

Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing popups on giant e-commerce sites?

That's because popups are excellent at converting site visitors into paying customers. They help online stores attract customers quickly by showing them relevant messages at the right time.

If you manage a WooCommerce store, you can use popups to increase sales by sending messages to your customers at the right time. For example, you can display a popup when users leave your store.

You can recoup your used cart purchase with a coupon or free shipping. Sell ​​more products through cross-selling (promoting related products) and cross-selling (promoting a superior product). Build your email list, follow the news on social media, or remind your customers of ongoing sales and promotions.

The WooCommerce Popup Cart is the best WordPress plugin and a powerful conversion optimization tool that allows you to turn abandoned visitors into subscribers and customers. This plugin integrates with WooCommerce and has powerful features specially built for WooCommerce stores.

What is a Popup Cart Plugin?

A popup plugin is a software that allows you to create popups on your website easily. Popups help you reach more leads, get more subscriptions, and improve your visitor experience.

These popup plugins come in many different types; some are easy to use, while others have more features. The WooCommerce popup cart is more complex than it is. For example, a popup cart is a simple display that appears as soon as your customers add items to their cart.

The popup window usually shows an overview of the cart's contents and standard cart options, such as changing the quantity, removing or adding items to the cart, applying discount codes, and more—the importance of proceeding with checking. Showing relevant products based on what you've added is a great way to encourage them to buy more.

How to use WooCommerce Popup Cart Plugins Increase Sales

Popup cart lets you quickly provide customers with the information they are looking for. This information includes clear indications that each item has been added to the cart and quick options for the customer to take it to the next one.

The popup speeds up the checkout process, resulting in faster sales, better conversions, and fewer abandoned carts. By showing recommended purchases, adding a WooCommerce popup cart to your ad campaign can make a big difference in your average order value.

Finally, the WooCommerce popup cart must replace the cart page and checkout that comes with WooCommerce. By eliminating these pages, you simplify the layout and reduce the number of internal pages to maintain.

5 Tips to Help you Increase Sales with Popup Carts

Popups help marketers increase conversions and boost sales. But if you use them properly, they can help your sales. Here are five tips to help you get the most out of your popup carts:

1. Make sure your popup cart is eye-catching 

Most online shoppers use mobile devices with limited screen space, using only a few images or text for popups. Instead, use simple designs that only take up a little space.

For example, use simple shapes like small text circles and squares to create popups. You can also use a color code to make it easier for users to read the popup without straining their eyes.

This is very important if you are using a popup to sell a product because it will give people an idea of ​​what the product looks like without clicking and viewing it on your website.

2. Use the right timing and placement

The best time to show popups is after someone has been on your site for a while. This allows you to capture the user when they use your content.

Also, place the popup in different places on the page, like the top or bottom. This will help you find the best place for your popup and get more exposure.

3. Use an intuitive design

Your popup cart should be easy to understand and navigate for users. Please keep it simple with images and text. It would be best if you did not use complex pictures or animations that can distract visitors from what they came to your site for.

Do not use popups to block content on your site. The purpose of the popup is to help people find the information they need, not to prevent them from getting it in the first place. If you use a popup to block content, visitors will think the page is down and leave.

4. Use a compelling CTA

Your popup is designed to increase conversions, so make sure your call to action is clear and understandable to users. Make it stand out from the rest of the page using colors or fonts that are different from the colors around it.

Avoid using vague or confusing CTAs, as they can confuse users and cause them to leave your site. If you want your visitors to click on an image or button, make sure it's clear what will happen when they do.

5. Give a relevant incentive

If your popup offers the visitor helpful something, they are more likely to fill out the form and give you their email address.

You can use this to your benefit by offering a free subscription, a discount coupon on your products, and much more. Offer something valuable for free before asking for feedback from the reader.

Our Recommendation

Our top recommendation is to integrate the WooCommerce popup cart plugin. You can get add to cart popup feature by installing the plugin. As with most WordPress, there are several WooCommerce add-to-cart plugins to choose from. But this plugin will give you the best result, increasing your sales and conversions.


Adding a WooCommerce popup cart to your store can speed up the entire branding process. And as we all know, the faster, the more people it is likely to reach. A wooCommerce popup cart is a great tool to quickly create an add-to-cart popup on your website and set it up quickly. It's easy to use, powerful and matches your website design and sales patterns.

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