Monopoly, the board game that is all the rage among all generations

Don't you know what Monopoly is? If you really don't know the answer, where have you been these past decades? Monopoly is a very popular board game that has been accompanying us for years in countless family gatherings, friends and after-dinner afternoons. Who doesn't remember playing this fun game one afternoon with their siblings, parents or cousins?

The object of the game is to be as rich as possible, accumulating as many streets or properties. For this, the mechanics of the game is to go buying and expanding the properties, carrying out the construction of buildings and hotels. Making these profitable, with the rents that the rest of the players pay you, as they fall in the box of your property. 

Why is Monopoly so much fun?

What makes Monopoly so much fun is the combination of strategy and luck. Players must make important decisions about which are the best properties to buy or how much money to invest in buildings and hotels. In addition, we must take into account when is the right time to sell the properties and reinvest the money in others.

Taking all these elements into account, we lack luck, since the destiny of each player is largely in the hands of chance, through the throwing of two dice

Leaving all of the above aside, another very important factor that makes this board game so entertaining is social interaction. Players must make deals with each other, such as exchanging the properties or the possibility of making alliances so that other players do not understand certain properties of one of the colors that we need.

Of course, the biggest incentive is to have a great time, very entertaining spending time with family and friends, while there is a healthy competition.

So if someone asks you, what does the game of Monopoly teach you? You can tell them that it is a board game that will help both the older members of the house and the younger ones to negotiate with other players and make alliances to win the game.

History: Who was the inventor of Monopoly?

This game is believed to have its roots in a game called "The Landlord's Game", which was created by Elizabeth Magie in 1903.

Years later, in 1935, the businessman Charles Darrow presented the game to the toy manufacturer Parker Brothers, who rejected it at first. The Parker Brothers company today belongs to Hasbro. This board game, over the years, has been known by different generations, who have enjoyed hours with the family, playing around the board.

Monopoly has become one of the most popular board games in the world. Who does not have a version of this game at home? It has been translated into several languages ​​and has been sold in many countries, so you can find many versions of this game.

What types of Monopoly are there?

There are many themed adaptations of Monopoly, including editions dedicated to cities, sports teams, and popular series or movies.

Monopoly of Cities of Spain

This version of the game includes properties based on Spanish cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia. Players can buy and sell well-known properties in these locations.

Monopoly Barcelona Edition

Monopoly Spain Edition

Monopoly based on TV series or movies

These adaptations are very popular among fans of well-known series such as The Walking Dead, Money Heist, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, or a host of others.

Monopoly Walking Dead Board Game

Monopoly The Paper House

Monopoly Money Heist

Monopoly Money Heist

Monopoly Ghostbusters (English Version)

Monopoly set in video games

Video games are becoming more and more popular and this family game also has multiple versions, based on some of the most famous ones.

Monopoly Gamer Mario Kart (English Version)

Monopoly Uncharted (English Version)

HASBRO Monopoly Animal Crossing Board Game

Monopoly Animal Crossing

Monopoly Animal Crossing

Children's Monopoly

The smallest of the houses have their own adaptations. Many of them are based on the most prominent children's characters of each era.

Some of these adaptations, mainly those intended for the smallest of the house, have different ways of playing, compared to the original. They stand out because their route, that is to say the board, has fewer squares, a much shorter playing time, they do not have cards, 1M and 5M bills and the figures are different.

Monopoly Junior Electronic Banking (English Version)

Monopoly Disney E Pixar Lightyear

As you have been able to verify, there is a Monopoly for each family, from the classic, the electronic, the travel and a long etc. Without forgetting the Cheat Monopoly, which will delight the most rascals in the house. 

Frequently asked questions that all players ask

How much money does everyone get in Monopoly?

$1,500, or whatever currency each version of the game has, is distributed to each player.

What figures are there in this game?

Depending on the version you play, you can find different figures. The most characteristic chips that traditional Monopoly brings are:

  • The hat

  • The dog

  • The wheelbarrow

  • the thimble

  • Car

  • Boat

  • The iron

  • monopoly tokens

  • monopoly tokens

What happens if I roll double in Monopoly?

If when rolling the dice, they have the same value, the so-called "double draw", there is another roll, after completing the player's turn. But if, when rolling the dice, he gets doubled 3 times in a row, he will be sent directly to jail, without going through the starting box.

How to know who wins the game of monopoly?

The player who keeps all the cards, which represent all the squares, wins the game. To get to this point, every player who goes bankrupt will be eliminated.

How long does a game of Monopoly last?

The time will depend on the players. A neophyte player is not the same as a veteran player. As a general rule, the approximate duration can be between one and four hours in each game.

In how many languages ​​is this board game?

This board game can be found in many languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, German and a long list of languages, due to its great success.

The good thing about playing this real estate game is that, even if we play a version in another language, the rules are the same, the only thing we have to translate are the Community cards and the Luck cards.

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